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Programs 101  develops custom software solutions based on FileMaker Pro technology.  We specialize in developing custom alternatives to off the shelf generic programs.

FileMaker Pro is our development platform ... and the #1 selling database software for both Windows & Mac OS.  Advanced network capabilities of FileMaker provides simultaneous access to Programs 101 software even in mixed Windows, Mac & Internet environments.  In addition to running software solutions developed by Programs 101 ... FileMaker provides a development platform you can use to build your own custom database solutions.

Free Downloads

Programs 101 offers free downloads on selected programs.  Downloads include unrestricted demos for no risk evaluations.  See our Software section for program details & pricing.

FileMaker may be required ... see individual requirements below.  Download a free trial copy of FileMaker Pro at right or visit the  FileMaker Website  for the most recent update.


Minimum Requirements ...

Windows XP - Pro, Home
Pentium III 500 MHz or higher
256 MB of RAM

Windows Vista - Ultimate, Bus, Home
Pentium III 500 MHz or higher
512 MB of RAM

Mac OS X 10.4 - Tiger
PowerPC G3, G4, G5 Intel Mac
256 MB of RAM

Mac OS X 10.5 - Leopard
PowerPC G4 (867 MHz+), G5, Intel Mac
512 MB of RAM

FileMaker v9  Download for Mac
FileMaker v9  Download for Windows

Well Pro 101

Well Pro 101 is a professional solution for Gas & Oil Well Drilling Companies.  Includes integrated contact management system, well reports, operations & production history, automated pdf and e-mail reporting, digital document storage and more.  Free customized setup, free upgrades and free tech support.

Land Pro 101

Land Pro 101 is a land administration module designed to work in conjunction with Well Pro 101.  Features include land lease management, mineral rights lease, contracts, legal parties, history and more ...


WellPro101 v10.0.0  Mac & Windows

Well Pro 101  v10.0.0
includes 10 day demo
requires FileMaker Pro v9 or v10


Invoice 101 ... Finance 101

Small Business Software Package combines Invoicing, Finance Tracking and Document Management into a premium user-friendly system for the small to medium sized business owner.
• Based on FileMaker v7 ... not recommended for use on Windows Vista or Intel-based Macs.


Programs101.sit  for Mac
Programs101.exe  for Windows

includes 10 day demo
no other software required

HOA Collections

HOA Legal Systems ... Home Owners Association (HOA) & Condo Fees collections, file management & legal forms software.  This system is designed for the legal firm handling collections for HOA and Condo Association clients.  The program calculates complex fees & payment allocations, creates custom legal forms, manages digital documents, prints account status information, history and more ...


Special Request ... Contact Us

includes custom setup
requires FileMaker Pro v9

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